More about me

I am passionate about creation, be it code or written. I believe that knowledge should be shared. If we all gave a little bit of our time to helping the each other, the world would be a better place.

My days are spent either trying to solve an issue I've encountered (which forms the basis for my articles), reading/listening to something, or on client work

James Midzi

Did I mention I'm a polyglot?

EnglishShona, NdebeleFrenchRussianSwahili




A journey of many winding roads



Owner and founder of several companies spanning different domains.


Eleventy Meetup

Spoke at Eleventy Meetup talking about community and its power.

TYPO3 Meetup and Release Party

Facilitated a TYP03 Meetup in Harare and the party to celebrate the release of the new version

Deployed Dante Decodes

Built and deployed this website.


Chaotik Angel website

Built Chaotik Angel website to solve issues the client was having.

PRÆY website

Worked with the client and got PRÆY website up to their satisfaction.

Participated in Hackathon

Took part in first hackathon and bult a project to help with my language learning.

Collaborated on an article

Wrote an article in collaboration with the Medusajs team.


TYPO3 Mentorship Program

Joined the TYPO3 Mentorship Program and learnt a lot during the time


TYPO3 Online Days

Attended TYPO3 Online Days virtual event.

Joined Upwork

Freelanced on Upwork for a time.


Private French Tutor

Taught a varying array of individuals the French language. Each with specific goals in mind that we worked on.



Got my French DALF C1 certificaion from Alliance Française